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Morgan, oldest manufacturer of private car ownership in the world, continues to offer the most personalized service in the automotive industry.With an annual production of about 1,000 vehicles, made by a team of dedicated and skilled craftsmen, each car is hand Morgan built to exacting standards using a combination of luxurious materials and technology, married to British fine craftsmanship.Significant manufacturing improvements allow all 2,014 vehicles Morgan to qualify for warranty periods longer. Morgan is also proud to announce that for 2014 all cars are now Euro 6.

Morgan has recently strengthened its management team, and internal promotions have improved key strategic areas, including Supply Chain, Production and Marketing.Complementing this internal reinforcement is an external view boldest of this famous brand. Appeals to a lifestyle of Morgan are now more evident than ever, with many interesting collaborations in 2014. Morgan is working closely with major fashion houses, watch manufacturers and custom manufacturers of luxury goods everything broadcast on increasingly popular social media feeds and a revolutionary new 3 Wheeler website.

Morgan Plus 4 Service

Every customer is treated individually, and is encouraged to visit the Pickersleigh production line road of world renown. Here every detail of their Morgan is tailored to meet a specific and demanding every phase of construction can be seen in person. If a customer chooses not to visit the factory, the global network of highly qualified dealers is well positioned. With an almost endless list of paint, leather, wood, fabric and options, it is guaranteed that, just like their owners, no two are ever the same Morgan.

Morgan Plus 4 Models

The original Morgan three wheeler is a vehicle of great historical value. First introduced in 1909 and produced until 1952, was one of the first forms of motorized transport provide economical motoring for the masses. Completely redesigned after 60 years, the modern 3 Wheeler was launched in Geneva in 2011 and has since met with critical acclaim from the press, gaining 5 * reviews worldwide. With over 1,000 vehicles sold, in 2014 Morgan has decided to re imagine this car with a long list of substantial improvements. Among these, a more rigid frame to improve the management, steering geometry revised to increase stability at high speeds, more efficient cooling for urban driving conditions, improvements to the transmission line to improve driver and passenger comfort, and new aesthetic options.




Morgan Plus 4 Interior

The Morgan 4/4 holds a world record for the longest production car running series. Introduced in 1936, has undergone many changes over the last 78 years, but remains as instantly recognizable as it always has. Now Powered by a 1.6 liter Ford Sigma, is among the cleanest sports cars on the planet. The 4/4 is a voice economic ownership Morgan, and is built using exactly the same methods as the other models.

Since its launch in 1950, the Morgan Plus 4 has reached iconic status worldwide. New for 2014, this model benefits from a powerful new engine 2.0 liters Ford offers stronger performance and better environmental credentials. And in fact the most powerful production Plus 4 ever leaving Pickersleigh Road. The cabin has also been updated, and displays a revised dashboard layout with new instrumentation. Available as a 2 or 4 places, Morgan are sure that this is not only the most advanced ever designed Plus 4, but that will continue to be very popular among sports car enthusiasts around the world.

Morgan Plus 4 Roadster

The Morgan Roadster is now powered by a 285 hp Ford Mustang 3.7 liters V6 and available in a configuration with 2 or 4 places. And the last Classic Morgan, and rewards its driver with sensational acceleration and a direct relationship with the road. Roadster owners will enjoy greater technology and the choice even more options that are not available on smaller models in the range. The Roadster is the perfect machine for your sports extensive European touring holiday effortless power that can be easily controlled.

The range Morgan Aero offers an appealing combination of luxury with supercar performance and handling we like to refer to our Aeros as theatrical unrivaled attractions and sounds make a bold statement of each trip.

Each Aero (Coupe, or Targa top SuperSport) represents the pinnacle of engineering Morgan, and is coach built on a rigid frame made of aluminum bonded with independent wishbone suspension.

Powered by 4.8 liter V8 from BMW, cars in the Aero range weigh only 1200kgs and offer breathtaking performance. Driver and passenger comfort is assured by the standard fitment of air conditioning, power steering, power windows, cruise control, ABS with brake force distribution, manual or automatic transmission, Xenon headlights, and a generous load capacity.

Morgan Plus 4 Plus 8

Our Plus 8 combines the best of both worlds the rigid aluminum frame pasted range Aero, with the classic style that Morgan are so famous. The Plus 8 is undoubtedly a wolf in sheep outperforming most other supercars in its class. The BMW 4.8 liters V8 delivers 367 hp, and never fails to impress fellow motorists. Surrounded by the materials of the old Morgan ash wood, leather and aluminum, the owner of the Plus 8 is set in a timeless style and driving pleasure visceral.

2014 welcomes a bright future for Morgan, came up with renewed energy, and with a commitment to quality. After 105 years of car production, we understand our core values and firmly married to provide these and to continuing to delight customers worldwide. Our family owned company employs 170 people, and has operated from the same buildings for 100 years. We look forward to another successful year of production of vehicles tailored to our loyal customers and respected.

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