2016 Toyota Avalon

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The 2013 Toyota Avalon has made big news when it was introduced in 2012 because it was, well, pretty. It showed that a large, comfortable FWD Toyota sedan could indeed be attractive and, most importantly, was proof that the design department of the car manufacturer had awakened from its long sleep. Well, now they are awake, Toyota designers just could not leave well enough, as evidenced by the new 2016 Avalon revealed to the auto show in Chicago in 2015.


The most obvious change is the larger grid, which negotiates the bright smile common for a perma frown turned down. Fog lights of the current model disappear in favor of vertical turn guts, headlights and signals have been slightly redesigned with dual LED lamps wing added to the current Touring models. At the rear, all new taillights are Avalons and chrome accents on the bumper.

2016 Toyota Avalon design and feature

Avalon model line increased from four to five trim levels for 2016: XLE, new for 2016 More XLE, XLE Premium, Touring and Limited. Hybrid models will be offered in more XLE, XLE Premium and limited forms. All Avalons come standard with Toyota Entune audio system with seven inch touch screen, while the XLE models Premium Add tech goodies such as navigation and charging the wireless device. Touring features a unique front fascia, LED spotlights, and redesigned 18 inch wheels dark gray. Limited models also get the wheels finished in 18 inch super Chrome a warning and optional safety tips such as adaptive cruise control, alarm forward collision and lane departure!.

In other news, the suspension has been recalibrated to better align the preferences of various clients. Basically, all but the Touring model will get a smoother driving, comfort oriented, while the Touring gets a touch firmer. in a recent comparison test, which won Toyota, we found that the XLE current rose too steep for Toyota the old man. Maybe old enough guys complained? lesson here? Do not play with the elderly.


Mitsubishi GC PHEV

One of the many mistakes Mitsubishi has made during his sad and long journey in the toilet was to abandon the Montero SUV. This could be about to change, Mitsubishi brings to North America from the GC PHEV, hybrid electric crossover designed, apparently, by the Rebel Alliance and originally unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013. This Spacey vehicle is expected to announce the style of future SUV Mitsubishi.

Once upon a time, Mitsubishi had a good thing going with Montero and his little cousin, the Montero Sport. They sold in large numbers in the 1990s and early 2000s as legitimate alternatives to the Land Cruiser, Sequoia, 4Runner and Toyota. However, Mitsubishi hit a wall in the middle of the 2000s, dramatically chop its investments in new products. He dropped the third generation of its US range Montero in 2006 and chose not to import the slightly revised fourth generation. To date, the fourth gen soldiers still on the outside rather archaic Pajero.

A return of the Montero/ Pajero could be on the horizon? GC PHEV, which means great Cruiser Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle, is a busy carved, over the top Showboat technology which, when whiskey is sweetened for production, will probably produce a beautiful if three fairly standard SUV row to the showrooms. Dimensional, the GC is just a bit longer and wider than the current Pajero, which means that the concept is a look at its replacement.

Mitsubishi GC PHEV Speed and power

Mitsubishi was bombed auto show circuit with hybrid and electric concepts for a while, so it is not surprising that the GC PHEV has an electric angle. The hydrocarbon component is a 335 hp supercharged 3.0 liter V 6, and the engine operates with a 94 hp electric motor sandwiched between it and the eight speed automatic transmission. A relatively small, battery 12 kWh lithium ion battery in the back has enough juice to 25 miles of electric only driving, the system automatically start the engine and use the electric motor to boost acceleration requests power range of the driver.


As in the old Montero, the configuration of the powertrain is north south, and the rear wheels are the main drivers with a transfer case to automatically send torque to the front. The concept proposes Super All Wheel Control (S AWC) Mitsubishi system, which includes differential electronically controlled, just in case your trip includes a morning rally stage. The rear differential is driven by its own electric motor, which can also recover energy and feed it to the battery during deceleration. Mitsubishi also claims that the vehicle can power your household for 13 days, assuming the earthquake strikes just after you both charge the battery and tanked on gas.

Mitsubishi GC PHEV Driver

The dominant feature is inside what Mitsubishi calls tactical table, a blue lit touch screen working space between the four seats, both before which pivot around fast lectures on the attacker Death Star imperial and avoiding traps. Other than generating a light show, we do not know what the tactics table no longer display information and interface with your cell phone. another cue that the car is the future driver: It has a rectangular wheel windshield says an augmented reality element that takes data from a car in car communication system (currently under development in Japan) and projects warnings on the glass, especially. by inviting cars that could potentially cut.

More likely to make short term output is the phalanx of security gadgets that are rapidly becoming the optional or standard equipment on all cars, such as blind spot warning death, anti collision automatic braking and control adaptive cruise. A new feature that should be mandated by the Government in rapidly aging Japan and America is involuntary vehicle control moving off, which uses a camera on the front along with a variety of sensors, including one that determines your level of vigilance, to determine when the driver mistook the accelerator pedal to the brake. It reduces engine power and warns the driver. It can not come soon enough, with new vehicles that have more to Mitsubishi some of the spirit of the old Montero.

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