2016 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S.

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Two years of model, Porsche has established that his Cayenne Turbo S was not sufficiently excessive, so heres the 2016 edition, going further over the top in search of, well, more. Especially as the company claims the great beast can lap in 7 minutes, 59 seconds, making it the first SUV to break the barrier of eight minutes and eclipsing the 8:14 lap Range Rover has been urging last summer for his Range Rover Sport SVR. Pretty impressive, although frequent references to the Porsche Cayenne as a four door sports car kept reminding adhesives 4DSC on 1990 Nissan Maximas.

In our test the 2014 Cayenne Turbo S, we marveled an SUV boasts 550 horses freakin a understand the Range Rover has since matched and surpassed BMW (with its 567 hp X5 M). Clearly, Stuttgart would have to do something. So now, thanks to having its double turbocharger integrated into the exhaust manifold, which can provide momentum more quickly and efficiently, the number of Porsches 570 horses freakin . Torque also increases by 37 lb ft of 590 ft boggling Porsche Traction Management, four wheel drive, and a rear axle Torque Vectoring help deliver it to the road.

2016 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S price.

Porsche claims fuel efficiency is improved as well, but then recognizes that 2016 Turbo S gets the same euro combined cycle mileage rating as before. Because if you make more power with the same amount of fuel, yes, technically the efficiency is improved. The predecessor delivered 15 mpg in our test.

Not that buyers who opt for the maximum dose of cayenne pepper are likely to get picky on the cost of the premium grade unleaded 4.8 liter V 8 ingests. The MSRP base has ballooned to $ 158,295, but the Turbo S now comes standard with mega brakes carbon ceramic (with 10 piston front, four piston units rear), while the older model charged $ 8,840 for the option (with only six piston front grabber). Never fear, though: remaining range of Porsches costly customizations (? $ 1,640 handles carbon fiber grab whoever) make it easy to push the bottom line at the top in the area of $ 200,000.



2016 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S Model.

All this comes in American dealerships by April, alongside the 2016 Cayenne GTS. As with that model, our first time at the wheel of a Turbo S came in northern Sweden in and around Skellefte hockey mad city that has produced many champions. It also the birthplace of Stieg Larsson, the late author of the Millennium trilogy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Porsche did not mention this factoid, perhaps because bad Larsson were very rich industrialists and bankers might be among the buyers Cayenne Turbo S.

Skellefte was founded as a mining town appropriately enough, there is gold (and silver, and copper) in the snow covered hills. When our car route pointed to a degree that seemed relatively free of dangers icy, we slammed the gas pedal to the floor and were rewarded with an almost instant increase in power and a meteoric climb by eight speed automatic transmission we could not have rowed down from eighth to third gear as quickly as they did the electronics in Sport mode. The V 8 growl and rising fast forward lasted only a moment before the electronics intervene. There is only so much that technology can do, and the creation of tension where there is not much not within its competence, despite driving habits often exposed by owners of four by four in winter.

2016 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S Drive and Power.

When we got off on the open road and Skellefte Drive Center, we could turn off all electronic assists, dial up Sport Plus and tromp aggressively on the pedal movement. On an icy skidpad, this made for fine wheel drifting, but not a lot of forward momentum. Theres enough grunt here that we can imagine doing the same on the sidewalk, at greater expense for tires. The former air base also had a cave we could drive through to enjoy the echo of the exhaust note of resonance rock out without wondering if our ears were duped some fine tuning cabin built environment.

Otherwise, we spent a lot of time fiddling with a series of buttons and knobs dashboard reminiscent of the space shuttle and admire the craftsmanship that goes into covering every square inch of the interior of this large box in leather, suede, wood, fiber carbon, or unobtainium (chosen by the buyer, at a price).

We would like to tell you more guidance, beyond our general preference for more steering and handling responses GTS driver oriented. Any advantage 570 confers power just was not on offer, because the conditions were so far from those of Walter had seen at the Nürburgring. Legend driving himself was present to give thrill rides, and those were very impressive, belying his 67 years. But his mount for these runs was a 911 Turbo S.

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